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Welcome to red flags bermuda!

What is Red Flags Bermuda, and the Red Flags Bermuda guide?

Red Flags Bermuda is a quick reference tool to assist early years professionals, parents, or primary caregivers, and members of the community in knowing when and where to refer children from birth to the age of six years for whom there are potential health, growth and development concerns. It has been adapted to make information on available resources in Bermuda more accessible to members of the public, as well as to early years professionals for whom the original Red Flags tools, worldwide, were developed.


Red Flags Bermuda hopes to assist individuals in identifying when children could be at risk of not meeting their expected health outcomes or developmental milestones. It also includes other areas that may impact child health, growth, and development due to the dynamics of parent-child interaction, such as maternal mental illness, abuse, etc.

Red Flags Bermuda allows individuals to review and better understand, on a continuum, the domains that are traditionally outside of their own area of expertise.

This guide is evidence-informed.

The purpose and goal of the Red Flags Bermuda guide

This Bermuda Early Years initiative aims to increase public awareness of the significance of early childhood development and promote the early identification of children who may be in need of additional resources to meet their developmental milestones and expected health outcomes.

All efforts here go towards helping young children thrive by providing the adults around them with information on how to make the early years the best of a child's life.

Knowing what to look for if a child is failing to thrive is important. We hope the "Red Flags" information is helpful to you as early years professionals, parents, or primary caregivers, and members of the community.

To learn more about how Red Flags Bermuda came to be CLICK HERE

To learn more about why early identification impacts the successful transition to school CLICK HERE 



Find the area of interest or concern you wish to know more information about.



On the topic page, find the age of the child you wish to know more information about.

NOTE: not all areas are age specific



Closest age without going over: If the child is between the age levels (e.g., 2 years, 2 mos.) check the lower age range for Red Flags (e.g., 2 years)



Read through the list and identify if the child is demonstrating any of the Red Flags at their age level. Click on any buttons or links for more information





Talking to Parents/Caregivers about concerns

(for health care or early years professionals)

CLICK HERE to learn more


Red Flags may be signs of delayed development. If you have concerns, contact a pediatrician family doctor, child and family services and other professionals referenced in the resource tables provided


Knowing when a child is at risk and in need of protection is important for all adults in Bermuda, but particularly for early year professionals, who share a level of responsibility for safeguarding or promoting a child's welfare.

This responsibility is called a "Duty to Report"

Some key facts about child protection and how to report a concern about the welfare of a child can be found at

HOSPITAL                                                        (441) 236-2345

FAMILY SERVICES                                           (441) 236-0224

CENTRE AGAINST ABUSE                              (441) 297-8278

CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME         (441) 235-0746

POLICE CODE-A-PHONE                                (441) 235-1140

POLICE CRIME & DRUG PREVENTION         (441) 235-0746

HAMILTON POLICE STATION                        (441) 295-0011

SOMERSET POLICE STATION                        (441) 234-1010

ST.GEORGE'S POLICE STATION                    (441) 297-1122

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