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Other Factors

Family Environmental Stressors

If any one of these stressors is found, this could affect a child’s development and should be considered a red flag:


Parental Factors

 Misusing adult privilege

 Bullying behaviours

 History of abuse as a child

 History of domestic violence

 Severe mental health or physical health problems

 Chronic substance misuse

 Difficulty controlling anger or aggression

 Feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem

 Lack of knowledge or awareness of child development

 A young, immature, or developmentally delayed parent

 History of postpartum depression

 History of crime or incarceration of parent/ guardian

 Low literacy

Social/Family Factors

 Multiple partners

 Family breakdown and/or family violence

 Multiple births

 Several children close in age with little family/social support

 A special needs child

 An unwanted child

 Prematurity and low birth weight

 Personality and temperament challenges in child or adult

 Mental or physical illness, or special needs of a family member

 A series of losses in a short time frame

 Recent death of a parent/child

 Lack of a support network or caregiver relief

 Immigrant status, language barrier

 Experiencing discrimination because of race, culture

 Substandard shelter

 No fixed address over a time frame/transient

Economic Factors

 Inadequate income


 Lack of access to consistent medical care/no health coverage

 Business failure


 Inadequate housing or eviction

 Change in economic status related to immigration

Services and Information related to Family Environmental  Stressors:

Having more general concerns about a child's development?

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