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 ... if a child is experiencing any of the following, consider this a red flag:


0-8 months

Failure to thrive with no medical reason

Parent/guardian and child do not engage in smiling and vocalization with each other

Parent/guardian ignores, punishes or misreads child’s signals of distress

Parent/guardian pulls away from infant or holds infant away from body with stiff arms

Parent/guardian is overly intrusive when child is not wanting contact

Child is not comforted by physical contact with parent

8-18 months

Parent/guardian and child do not engage in playful, intimate interactions with each other

Parent/guardian ignores or misreads child’s cues for contact when distressed

Child does not seek proximity to parent when distressed

Child shows little wariness towards a new room or stranger

Child ignores, avoids or is hostile with parent after separation

Child does not move away from parent to explore, while using parent as a secure base

Parent/guardian has inappropriate expectations of the child for age

18 months - 3 years

Child and parent have little or no playful or verbal interaction

Child initiates overly friendly or affectionate interactions with strangers

Child ignores, avoids or is hostile with parent/guardian when distressed or after separation

Child is excessively distressed by separation from parent

Child freezes or moves toward parent by approaching sideways, backwards or circuitously

Child alternates between being hostile and overly affectionate with parent

Parent/guardian seems to ignore, punish or misunderstand emotional communication of child

Parent/guardian uses inappropriate behaviour management techniques

3-5 years

Child ignores adult or becomes worse when given positive feedback

Child is excessively clingy or attention seeking with adults, or refuses to speak

Child is hyper vigilant or aggressive without provocation

Child does not seek adult comfort when hurt, or show empathy when peers are distressed

Child’s play repeatedly portrays abuse, family violence or explicit sexual behaviour

Child can rarely be settled from temper tantrums within 5-10 minutes

Child cannot become engaged in self directed play

Child is threatening, dominating, humiliating, reassuring or sexually intrusive with adult

Parent/guardian uses inappropriate behaviour management techniques



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